The Doggie Photobooth comes to Lloyd Park May Fair 2015

On 4 May, Friends of Lloyd Park are hosting their annual May Fair with fun dog show. This year their extra special category will be: Star Wars Dogs. Full listings of the categories, and how to enter, are here.


We are pleased to announce that Waltham Forest 4 Dogs’ side show attraction at the Lloyd Park May Fair will be … (drum roll …)


The Doggie Photobooth!


With one photographer, one very technical printer and some glamorous assistants, we will snap your canine friend in various states of fancy dress. You bring the Star Wars costumes, we’ll bring other dress-up items, and come and get your happy hounds photographed as never before …


We will also be selling our spectacular bandannas made by WF4Dogs members.




Whether you want to join in or just drop by to say hello in-between dog show competitions – we look forward to seeing you there!