Cheney Row



Chestnuts Showground



Higham Hill Recreation Ground with fenced dog off-lead area



Kitchener Road Park



Lloyd Park

Lloyd Park May fair 2

It’s great because: “It’s so pretty.”  “Close to home. Lots of friendly dogs and people. Big fields.”  “A great community.”  “As well as the off-lead field, for dogs who need their own space there is a small fenced off-lead area.”

The cafe in the park, Le Delice, welcomes dogs inside and out.


Be aware:  “In winter, wear wellies.”  “It gets really very busy on sunny days.”  “Only one of the two ‘fields’ is off lead, but there is no fence between the two.”



Tottenham Marshes, Wild Marsh East

It’s great because: “Very tranquil despite being right next to major roads.”  “The marshland is very pretty, particularly in spring.”  “In summer, cross over to the Tottenham side, where dogs can swim in the canal.”  “Good buggy paths.”


Be aware: “There can be broken glass on the steps at the Sandpiper Close entrance.”


Tottenham Marshes - May



Wadham Avenue Open Space



Walthamstow Forest/Waterworks Corner

It’s great because: “Gorgeous woodland with some open spaces.”  “For a long walk you can walk from here to Hollow Ponds or The Higham Park.”


Be aware: “Incredibly muddy pathways in winter – at which time I avoid like the plague!”



Walthamstow Marshes


2015-02-21 19.01.42


It’s great because: “Good car access, it is beautiful all year round, lots of places for the dogs to explore, and plenty of options if you fancy a coffee, something to eat or a proper drink.” “It’s a nice open space with nice large paths to walk along – so it needn’t be too soggy in the rainy season.”  “A huge amount of space for her to run around and investigate, and a real sense of watching seasons change.”  “Loads of space, free parking.”  “Good long walk for dogs. Kids and bikes come too.”  “For sociable dogs this place is great. Lovely owners and dogs to play with.”  “Just great walking, scenery and always fantastic birds – links up with Hackney Marsh, Leyton Marsh, Millfields, Middlesex Filter Beds, Coppermill, so treat them all as one.”  “It’s near perfect.”


Be aware: “This area is marshland so is prone to flooding, so good wellies are an advantage.”  “The car park can get very busy.”  “Picnicking dog fearers can be a bit irritating come summer.”