Leyton & Leytonstone

Cambrian Gardens


Hollow Ponds/Leyton Flats


Hollow Ponds


It’s great because: “A mixture of open spaces and woodland so lots of interest for dogs. Plus the ponds themselves – great for swimming, particularly in the summer.”  “Lots of off-lead space.”  “Brilliant for shade in midsummer.”  “Very pretty.”  “The ponds and the variety of terrain – and the diner.”  “There are large open spaces for the dogs to run, and forest areas for them to explore, and ponds to swim in. There is the log cabin which serves drinks and burgers for those humans who get hungry on the walk, and you can even ask them for a cold sausage for the dogs.”  “A reasonable amount of parking.”  “For a quieter walk go early in the morning or late at night.”


Be aware: “It needs more poo bins!” (This comment was made several times!) “Some paths get flooded in winter.”   “Mobbed in summer time with picnickers and families.”  “Litter in the summer from family picnics is an issue.”  “It is surrounded by busy roads so stick to the middle.”  “I would recommend not letting your dog swim when swans are mating/or have had signets as they are very over protective at these times and can attack your dog.”  “Just be on your guard as you can get undesirables on here.”  “Bit gay cruisey, can be alarming if you dog disturbs the action.”  “Bit of an issue with flashers. I tend to only walk there with friends.”



Jubilee Park

It’s great because: “It has a great heathy area that my dog can run around crazy in without disturbing anyone.”  “It has great links to Walthamstow Marshes on one side and Hackney Marshes or the Olympic Park on the other. So great for walking on foot or having your pooch jog next to your bike!”  “Dogs can be off lead – the children’s part is fenced off to an extent.”

New cafe KuKooLaLa welcomes dogs outside, and allows one dog inside at a time at the table by the back door.


Be aware: “It would be useful to have clearer directions on which are on/off-lead areas.”



Knotts Green


Langthorne Park Dogs on lead only

It’s great because: “A good spot for a leisurely stroll.”


Be aware: “Dogs have to be on lead.”  “A lot of the vegetation was severely cut back recently, which has detracted a lot from the attractiveness of the park.”


The Linear Park


Waterworks Centre & Middlesex Filter Beds Nature Reserve

It’s great because: “Great for a quiet walk with lots of open space for playing, as well as a lovely spot by the river for bathing (the dog, not you!). Leads to the top end of Hackney Marsh too, for an added dimension to your walk. The sky at dusk is particularly gorgeous here and the flashes of green as the parakeets fly over are pretty cool (even if their squawk isn’t!).”