Lost & Found Dog Register – campaign update

Waltham Forest 4 Dogs met with Councillor Clyde Loakes and Mandy Thompson from Waltham Forest council, on 28 January, primarily to discuss the lost and found dog register.


The good news is that the local Dog Enforcement Team (DET) will be utilising the councils new twitter feed to post stray dogs that have been found and handed over to them – it will be soft launched over the next few weeks. They are not currently interested in using DogLost.co.uk but say they will keep it under review. There will not be a Facebook page or online dog register, but the hardcopy register now kept at Sycamore House will continue to be updated. They have agreed to stop redacting the place the dog was found and if possible to try and get a clear photo of the dog so it can be identified.


DET will telephone any owner whose dog has been found if the information on the dogs chip and/or tag is up to date. So please, please make sure that you do this – it is critical in reuniting you with your dog if it’s found and handed to DET.


One of the WF4Dogs team will try and get to the Town Hall once a week to view the register and share details of found dogs on our Facebook page. We will also follow and share posts from the Twitter feed when it is live. 


We will be meeting quarterly with the DET to discuss local issues and raise any concerns from our members. Before the next meeting we will post on our Facebook page so members can comment with anything you would like raised at the meeting.


Thank you to Councillor Loakes and Mandy Thompson for their time and for meeting with us.